I love taking photos. I dont do it because i think i have any degree of expertise or skill in it, but simply because it makes me happy. when i see something that appeals to me, i have a certain satisfaction in capturing that and having something to look back upon. many times when im feeling dull or low, i look at pics from my collections, pics from 1 or 2 years back the same day, and memories of where i was and what i was doing then often bring a smile to my face.

i am using a Sony H20 from the fall of 2009. nope, not a dslr. (before that i was using a panasonic lumix for a few years, which was even more limited in its scope.) this is my camera -

its my philosophy that beauty exists in the simplest things all around us. you just need a keen eye, an open mind, and an attitude to stop and smell the roses. i began the mundane monday project with that in mind, and try to see even the most routine things around us with a fresh eye. i try to post a photo, on mondays, of something thats ordinary in everyday life. the best photos dont necessarily have to come from a dslr. its anything that makes you smile, or makes you take a moment to pause and reflect.

i have many of my photos in my picasa web albums, and here, below, are a few of my favourites -

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