about me - 

hii ! thanks for stepping in ! i am sowparnika, aka sowpar - im rarely called by my full name since most people find it a mouthful :)

i am, most of the time, a simple person who finds great happiness in the simple things of life. im always striving to be a minimalist, even if i havent exactly got to that point yet. i do have my days when im in a crabby mood, but mostly it takes very little to make me happy. friends, chai, and sweet treats are the things which keep me going in life.

on any given day, the stuff running on my mind varies anywhere between profoundly utopian thoughts like a borderless world and moneyless society, and wondering if i can have cake for breakfast.

most of my dreams involve mugfuls of chai on rainydays, curled up in a reading nook by a window, with a stack of wodehouse by my side. they also involve long train journeys across india, and wandering around europe, someday - in no small measure.

i love nature, all things vintage, traditional indian arts and crafts, and taking photos. i also have a major, major crush on google :)

also, i dont like uppercase letters, and most of the time use only all small, except in rare cases for some proper nouns.


about the blog - 

i started the blog in 2008 jan, when i had spare time on my hands and didnt exactly know what to do. i wanted to blog, but i had no specific agenda. over the years, it has remained a place where i come and share what i like,what i find, or what i'm thinking about, without a specific niche. yes, in an age of niches, i bravely remain un-niched, and a jill of so many trades :)

so, if you are wondering what this blog is about, it is just about all that i find interesting or worthy of sharing - its about what goes on in my mind and in my life.

the blog has become a place where i come to be just 'me', to take a break from all the roles that life demands from us. there are enough sources of stress in the world, and i didnt want the blog to be one too. so i keep it as hassle free as possible, i dont force myself to come up with content on a rigorous schedule, or worry about stats and pageviews.

i am kind of reclusive and so far been super-shy about promoting my own blog, so my regular loyal visitors are probably either close friends or russian spam bots :)
for this reason i have also not considered monetising the blog, so all the links here are for providing more information, or a source, or because i think they are useful in some way - there are no affiliate links, or banner ads for diapers, dog-food or 4 bedroom penthouses - yet.

so, questions ? comments ? i dont have a toll-free number yet, but you can always drop a line in the comments section, or write to me at simplysowpar(at)gmail(dot)com - i'd love to hear from you ! (provided you have something nice to say, ofcourse.)

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