Monday, 4 July 2016

mundane monday - #67

today, july 4th, as many know, is Independence Day in the united states. so i thought it would be appropriate to post a photo of a George Washington presidential dollar in my collection.

washington was the first president of the united states, one of the founding fathers of the country, and commanded the continental army in the revolutionary war victory against the british. 

the coin is one in the series of presidential dollar coins issues by the US mint to commemorate it's presidents. 

see my earlier pics of a US penny (1 cent coin) here and that of my coin box here


  1. is this a dollar coin ? the colour of copper makes it look like a cent coin.

    1. it is a dollar. maybe the colour in the photo looks more like copper, it is actually a golden coloured coin. you can find more details in the US Mint link given in the post.

  2. Very interesting!



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