Monday, 13 June 2016

mundane monday - #66

half the year has almost gone by already, and i realise i've made just one other mundane monday post this year. huhh. i suppose i haven't been taking that many photos this year. a few months back i got a new phone with a really good camera, and that has made me use my actual camera even less. this photo im posting today is one of those few from the camera this year.

this was taken a couple of months back, before i left for my month-long hometown visit. i was shopping around for some random stuff, when i saw this set of colourful measuring cups and spoons. they looked so pretty and i decided to get them for my cousin.
measuring cups are so handy in the kitchen, and it is always an added bonus if useful stuff is also pretty. they look so gorgeously colourful, don't they ?

the set of measuring cups that i myself have now, is this red one from ikea.

some more pops of colour here, here, and here !

incidentally, the old set of measuring cups i had was one of the early pics i took for the monday series. i realise they were pretty blah ones, though :)


  1. the colours are so nice to look at. the crayons are good though



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