Thursday, 25 February 2016

throwback thursday - TBT #23

the weather in these parts was nice and sunny the past weekend, and has since returned to a wintry mix of alternating rain and snow the last few days, though not too bad altogether. my coping mechanism has been to drink generous amounts of ginger chai, and keep staring out of the window now and then.

meanwhile, here are some vintage photos of snowy winters that i found -

the one above is of 5th avenue in new york city, apparently taken around 1905

any guesses for the pic above ? - it is the white house, washington d.c !
taken around 1907.

source for both photos - from here.

one thing that should keep our spirits up is the thought that march is just around the corner - hope we see the first signs of spring soon !


  1. despite being wintry feb, am envious of the amount of sunlight NY gets.

    1. well, i'm not sure if the photo was taken in feb, but yeah i've seen in the east coast, many winter days having sunshine despite the snow - not to forget that the converse is also true, it is usually freezing outside even though it may look sunny.



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