Wednesday, 3 February 2016

moving on...

we moved, last weekend - after every kind of uncertainty and change of plan there could possibly be, including a blizzard that threw a spanner in the works. 

packing tape, moving day

after travelling using an impossible-sounding combination of transport, which included a rental car, a flight, a friend's car and own car, we finally reached the new place. the moving truck with all our stuff is yet to come though, so right now it feels like staying in an oversized hotel room with no furniture. as of now theres just a couple of comforters, pillows, some clothes and a few kitchen essentials (and laptops of course). 

while it is surprisingly eye-opening to realise how much i can get by with just the basics, i'm sure getting all the stuff would definitely be a big help to make the place feel like 'home'. right now, my laptop 'support/desk' is a 12 pack of bathroom tissue on the floor. yeah. 

of all the times i have moved, this time seemed the least stressful, both because all the delays had given me more time to pack, and also, more importantly, we had a couple of close friends coming over and helping, during and after the moving truck was being loaded. it made a big difference to me i think, since it is always the last few hours that i usually panic and almost seem to flip out :) we also had a friend's family receive us when we landed in a new state, made us a hot dinner and packed us with some essential stuff for the first few days. trust me, having people around makes a huge difference. 

on that note, its a bit unsettling to think that this time we are going to be in a new town where we dont have any of our friends or family nearby, with our closest friends being a 1.5 hrs drive away. but you always take comfort in the fact that it could have been worse. hmmm.

also, as a bit of trivia, i have always lived in coastal states, and this is the first time i'm being in a 'landlocked' state, with no beaches :) - though we have a river nearby, and a huge lake in a few hours drive. 


  1. tell me about living away from the sea. its the worst thing. there's nothing like dipping your feet in a blue sea. watching the waves lash repeatedly and endlessly.

    my philosophy about life is that, the far off you live from the sea, the more it saps one's energy.

  2. theres something definitely therapeutic about watching the waves crash on the shore endlessly.
    and even if you dont go everyday, there is a certain comfort in knowing the sea is there, just a short drive away :)



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