Thursday, 7 January 2016

throwback thursday - #21

this is that awkward phase - where saying 'last year' seems so odd, it being so recent - and yet we come to terms with the reality of seeing a new number on our calendars. (honestly, a new year doesnt seem much more than that - just a new number on the calendar.)

anyhoo, 2016 has already completed seven days. meanwhile i realised throwback thursday has completed 20 posts in 2015, and the first one of 2016, today, is the 21st.

sharing with you all today, this vintage black&white new year ad for coca cola, which i found on flickr -
have a good 2016 folks.

image source - from flickr


  1. Am now going to suggest an analogy here.

    When there were so few drinks like Coke and Pepsi, nobody said they were bad.
    And when there are 20 such drinks, we seem to suggest all these drinks are bad.

    Now am questioning why in your calendar there were (in 2015) only 20 throwback thursdays. Calendars in our part of the world seem to have 52.

    Now dont apply the analogy I mentioned above to justify why there are only 20 TTs.

    1. I could say that I never really believed in numbers, and instead of forcing myself to post every week to increase my post count, I just try to make my posts count. Or I could simply say the tl;dr version - my blog, my convenience, I post whenever I can ;)

  2. gone are those black and white ad days.. . but those black n white days are evergreen

    1. they indeed have a timeless beauty - i love b&w pictures a lot !



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