Monday, 11 January 2016

mundane monday - #64

this is a photo of my coin bank that i took back in 2012, when it was almost full... ( it is shaped like an old red british pillar box, and i just opened the top/lid to take this pic.)

among the assortment of coins you can find a few of the US state 'quarters' - 25cent coins - which are part of a series of 50 coins issued by the US mint over a period of 10 years, to commemorate each of US's 50 states. i think i started sometime in 2009, and finished collecting them by the end of 2011. during the time i did that, it was always interesting to eagerly go through all the spare change i could find, to see if i got any new state that i didnt have :) 

the US mint also has several other coin series, like 'america the beautiful' quarters (featuring US natural landscapes) and presidential dollars, of which i have managed to collect some.

(the state quarters of wyoming and idaho can be seen in this pic, and oregon partly seen.)


  1. Nice, I would have also liked to see all the 50 states (pics of them laid flat). Coins are very fascinating and what a treasure. Its not easy to collect all 50 of them.

    An avid collector (financially rich) may even have many such series - guess we could only feel jealous that someone is able to do such a passionate job. But it also boils down to time at hand

    1. i have all 50 of them in a coin book, but not with me currently, as it is in storage with some of my other stuff elsewhere...
      i'm not that passionate of a collector, just completed this series and have a few from others... more than time it just needs a lot of patience to wait for all the pieces to come together.

  2. get rid of the coppers. I hate them.
    cash, crime and coppers dont mix together. only room for 2.



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