Sunday, 17 January 2016

let it snow...

this has turned out to be a beautiful sunday, with the first snowfall of the season just starting now outside my window !

as i write, the swirls of snow are coming down steadily, and just starting to leave a powdery coating on the tree branches and rooftops... (if it leaves a thick layer before dusk i should probably get out the camera - it has been a long while since i did.)

ideally i would like to just make myself a hot cup of chai and pull a chair by the window and keep watching, but today, work beckons. we had originally thought we'd be moving in sep-oct, but that didnt happen and instead we are planning to relocate next weekend. so im looking at a lot of packing to be done in the next few days.

meanwhile, here's a first look - and hope you are having a nice weekend wherever you are :)

update - here are a few more pics from the camera after the snow had fallen for quite some time - (the one above being from the mobile )

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