Monday, 23 November 2015

mundane monday - #59

november is drawing to a close, and it is the beginning of the end of the year. the dipping mercury makes you crave warm cups of tea, crank up the heater and just curl up under covers - until of course, reality gives you a kick behind and reminds you of the never ending list of chores :)

meanwhile, coming to this monday's picture, the one below is a set of rattan boxes from ikea, called 'fryken'. (i use them to hold an odd assortment of stuff in my living room and bedroom, but emptied them out to take the pic.) it is the one here. the original photo when i took it looked quite 'blah', but turned out much better after a bit of editing.
see my other photos of stuff from ikea here and here.

mundane monday - ikea fryken rattan boxes


  1. but why do you need them pots empty ?

    1. I don't :) that's just to make them more 'photogenic', and to save the world from seeing the jumbled junk that's usually inside them :)



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