Monday, 9 November 2015

mundane monday - #58 | diwali special, throwback monday !

today happens to be not just any monday, but the eve of diwali, india's biggest festival.
i think that is an excellent reason to have a post that combines both my monday and thursday series, making it a throwback monday :)

and so, here is a vintage diwali ad, from one of those classic indian brands, HMT watches. (hmt stood for hindustan machine tools)

image source - from here

and i also found this article about 5 of the iconic models of hmt - interesting to read about the 'dowry watch', i had no clue about that !


  1. these images are very nice... the good old days with very few and rare gifts seem more satisfying than the modern days of being able to buy anything anytime anywhere.

    does anyone buy watches for diwali (or only during diwali?) these days ? that's the stark difference due to passage of time. its a shame that HMT is also no longer alive. Another casualty being allwyn a company based in Hyderabad but did scooters, fridges and even trucks in collaboration with japanese. of course no longer alive.

    1. i know there still a few watch aficionados who prefer the 'old school' ones :) i personally think watches are timeless, (excuse the bad pun !) and elegant.

      yeah allwyn was one of those brands that went extinct in india...



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