Monday, 14 September 2015

mundane monday - #56

coming after a considerable break, today's monday photo just happens to be a splash of colour ! not that i planned for it, but i just saw it and realised it would look beautiful.

this is a bottle of fennel candy - or candy coated fennel - whichever way you prefer it. though i'm sweet toothed, i personally find this too sugary for my taste. and yet, it looks so colourful that i was tempted to take a picture of it :)

fennel candy is common at most indian restaurants, given at the end of a meal as a mouth freshener. it is also very much a part of indian weddings, called 'meetha saunf' in hindi, and 'arisi mittaai' or 'palli mittaai' in my mother tongue tamil. it is also common in south indian weddings to have the names of the couple written with this fennel candy, on a tray filled with sugar ! the colour combination of pink and orange itself reminds me so much of an indian wedding !

find one more photo of this here .

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