Friday, 11 September 2015


Like a Phoenix, it rises...
Remembered, and Rebuilt...

1 WTC 


  1. is this just one building instead of two ?

    how many ever phoenixes rise, the iconic twin tower is lost forever. ive never been there still feel a bit of connection.

    how many lives lost. how many families impacted. how many irreplaceable changes... a lot many wtc victims have fallen to cancer after a decade. the world is a cruel place.

    1. the entire wtc site is a huge complex - with the original twin towers being part of seven buildings that were there. the rebuilding plans also include multiple towers, of which this and a couple of others are completed. this will be the tallest, at 1776 feet. (1776 being the year of american independence.)
      construction of other towers are in progress, along with plans for a major transportation hub there. construction has also been completed on a memorial and a museum. the memorial consists of two recessed pools into which water keeps falling, on the footprints of the original twin towers.

      the twin towers were definitely iconic, being a part of the images of nyc skyline in most movies and tv shows before 2001. some things are indeed irreplaceable. sadly, the world only seems to be getting worse each passing day.



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