Thursday, 27 August 2015

throwback thursday - TBT #17

been a few weeks since i showed up and marked attendance here... travel, being a bit under the weather, and sundry other excuses as usual.

i've just not been in the best of spirits lately, and i was thinking of something to post today while still being in a sore mood.
the only thing that came to my mind was that, when you are feeling blue, the best medicine is a little purple :) yup, what quickly cheers me up is thoughts of my beloved cadburys. (to be precise, real old cadbury's, before it became kraft. somehow its never the same inside my head anymore.)

anyway, ended up browsing through vintage ads of cadburys and found this one -

          image from flickr, here

( i wish I find meself some cadburys real soon. right now all i have on hand is some white chocolate, which im using as an emergency substitute.)


  1. cadburys was one of the companies to successfully break the mindset that chocolate can be something enjoyed by the middle and lower economic strata too.

    they went a long way towards establishing the brand, advertisements (some of them quite iconic) and strategic too.

    They introduced Bournvita only for the India and Africa market... 90% of cocoa grew in africa and still they couldnt afford a bar of choc. So all we could have was a chocolate drink.. of course our climate also didnt help.

    they also used low price points so anyone could buy a tiny piece if not a bigger bar. once used to - they knew we'd go back again and again... didnt they.

    i dont know how the americans played around the chocolate wars.. but the kraft move was a simple greedy brit and an opportunistic american decision.

    1. i guess you meant that cadburys broke the mindset that chocolate *couldn't* be enjoyed by the lower economic strata...

      yeah cadbury ads were iconic... with the 'glass and a half' of real milk being a constant through the ages... a year or so back, i read a book called 'from cadbury to kraft', which traces the history of cadburys... written by a cadbury family member, it explores the origins, the quaker values held by the founders which was behind their philanthropy, how they did not make wealth for wealth's sake, the thought behind employee welfare, the planning of bournville, etc... interesting read, if you would like to read up on the history of the company... it also touches on the chocolate wars...
      personally, i was very upset and disappointed when kraft took over a beloved brand like cadbury. five years, and i still havent come to terms with it. and if anything could be worse than kraft, to my ears it is the sound of the name mondelez. :)



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