Thursday, 18 June 2015

throwback thursday - TBT #13

on june 18th, 1928, amelia earhart would become the first woman to have flown across the atlantic ocean. the flight departed from newfoundland (on june 17th) and arrived at the welsh coast more than 20 hours later, braving risky weather.

amelia earhart accompanied two other pilots on this flight and kept the flight log. her own solo flight across the atlantic would happen four years later, in 1932.

amelia earhart's transatlantic flight, june 18th 1928 - new york times front page
image source - the new york times

crowds gathered at southampton to greet amelia earhart after her 1928 transatlantic flight.


  1. considering this was like almost 100 years back I even wonder how someone even had the courage to fly alone across a big ocean in those days... when airline safety wasnt such extensive like now.

    1. i know... it was a very brave and daring thing to do, and amelia earhart was a woman far ahead of her times... sad that her end was tragic and an unsolved mystery.



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