Thursday, 30 April 2015

throwback thursday - TBT #8

april 30th, 1945. hitler committed suicide inside his war bunker with eva braun (who was 23 years younger than him, and whom he had married two days before, after their relationship of many years).

the newspaper is dated 2nd may, as his death was announced to the public only on 1st may.


  1. I smell a rat.

    Hitler dies morning of 30th April. He was subsequently doused in fuel (as per his wishes) and cremated the same afternoon.

    Allowing for time difference between Germany and USA (stars and stripes), why does it take 2 full days for the print media to report this incident ? For all that, 30th April and 2nd May were working days with no holiday in between.

    And this was at the height of war, when the Allied propaganda machinery was at its peak trying to threaten with one hand and begging through the other. And it was actually the Red army that was encircling Germany and Hitler's remains were pretty much captured despite being doused on fire.

    1. yeah... i read in the wiki that germany did not announce the news to the public until may1st. apparently even stalin himself came to know only early on morning of 1st, and even then, not being fully convinced, ordered the red army to find the corpses - but of course there were only the remains by then.
      i dug around and found this link of bbc - -

      which says there was a german news report at 2230 local time - which means it would have been around 430 pm on 1st may, in the US. so probably for the pages to be composed and printed, it would have been morning of 2nd. radio broadcasts would have ofcourse broken the news sooner that night.
      (all this speculation is of course only about the time the public got the news - the diplomatic cables and all, between the powers that be, would have been sent way sooner i guess.)



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