Monday, 20 April 2015

mundane monday - #50

im one of those people who love rain. there is something about it that lifts my spirits, makes me instantly cheerful.

so today was one of those days where i had the joy of seeing raindrops splash down on the windows, making the whole world outside look fresh and all washed :)

the past few days have been really good weather-wise, with trees that were just all twigs suddenly bursting into bloom, and the grassy patches getting greener by the day. magnolias and daffodils are beginning to show their heads, and it cheers me up so much every time i see them...

nature is so wonderful, it changes your mood like nothing else can. (well at least it does for me :) )

i also realised when starting this post that this is the 50th mundane monday post ! i started the mundane monday project on the blog towards the end of 2012, and counting how many mondays are actually there over a period of almost two and a half years should give an idea of how 'regular' the posts have been ;)  well at least i'm happy that i'm still sticking to it and making my best efforts despite my limitations.

yeah, i know i probably sound like giving myself a 'star' on my homework, but hey, what is there to life if not for these little indulgences :)

also, im super happy that the 50th post happened to be about rain, which is one of my most favourite things. rainy days just make your everyday cup of ginger-chai all the more special, dont they ?

rainy on the window

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