Thursday, 26 March 2015

throwback thursday - TBT #3

the next weekend will be easter, and that brought to my mind cadbury chocolate eggs. if you grew up in india, cadbury's was 'the chocolate' of your childhood - the undisputed choice over everything else - but cadbury eggs were one thing which did not really make it to the indian market. 

when i searched for vintage cadbury egg pics, i came across this article which has wonderful pics from the early days of cadbury, and some of the old ads. i couldnt have been happier. images below are from the article.

even though i dont celebrate easter, i love seeing the pastel colours all around - the blues greens and yellows are kind of an official reminder that spring is upon us !

ad for a cadbury egg in 1930 stating it costs 3 shillings and 6 pence

Cadbury egg Easter cards from 1914

im such a cadbury lover that when some years back the ownership changed to american hands, i took it really personally and felt kind of let down :( somehow cadburys will never feel the same again, i think !

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