Monday, 30 March 2015

mundane monday - #48

ha. its almost the fourth month of the year and this is the first mundane monday post of this year. i know i've been in blog hibernation, but whats worse is i havent been taking that many photos either. i had used the camera only a few times since the start of the year and even those few pics are waiting to see the light of the day, because my pc has been acting up and i have trouble transferring them.

funnily, turns out that i'm not that much of a mobile camera person. somehow i'm not that happy with how phone camera pics turn out - especially when seeing them on a bigger screen like a laptop.

nevertheless, i took this one today and i liked it after a few touches and filters... (for editing phone camera pics, i find either snapseed or google photos most convenient.)

it is a wonder how much your relationship with sleep changes as you age - when you are a student you have that supreme ability to fall asleep anywhere anytime, but as you age, you find yourself counting sheep everyday till you run out of numbers. makes you wish you still had your textbooks from school, but i seriously doubt if even that would help once you reach that stage when you find that your body has stubbornly decided it belongs to that nocturnal league which has among its members everything from rodents and owls to vampires and werewolves.

and thus the sleep-aid industry flourishes, peddling us everything from pills to memory foam to lavender lotions to white noises... while there seems little respite for the 'zzzz challenged', as we lie wondering how many lengthy miles we have to go, before we can finally 'sleep'...

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