Monday, 21 April 2014

mundane monday - #37

this is another of those monday pic which comes after a long gap, but its very different - and in its own way ironic too - for this is the one that has produced all the other ones  - am sure the camera is very proud today :)

i was thinking of taking a picture of the camera, for some other reason, when i suddenly realised it would make such a great mundane monday pic !

this is the camera i use for all my photos - its a sony-h20 - its not an slr camera, but still does have a good amount of menu options to choose from, and i'm happy with the quality of the images it has always produced. i've had it for almost 5 years now.

since its a compact, i take it with me almost wherever i go - i very rarely take photos with a mobile (yeah i know, that sounds weird in the world we live in today :) ).
this photo of it was taken with a samsung galaxy tab. i did have some issues holding the tab steady while clicking on the screen :)

meanwhile, how have things been at your end ? i just seem to be staring at to-do lists that keep growing but very little gets checked-off ! im having sleep issues that leave me edgy most of the time. i am always wondering how better to manage my time, but reading about time management stuff just consumes more of my time and i havent put in any concrete plans in place :) 

i have in mind a lot of changes to the blog, and these have been in the pipeline for a few months now. i am hoping that i'll have it all done soon, but so many other things in life always end up jumping the priority queue ahead of the blog ! lets see... 

i wonder if people like me are a minority or do many of you have your finger in many pies and find a long list of chores and tasks staring at you always ? :)


  1. You need to start reading 11th standard mathematics books. Or Chemistry books.. Keep it simple - any text book and pretend you have an exam tomorrow. Guess what, sleepiness will be gushing from the atlantic ocean over head tank straight into your head.

    1. thats exactly what i had been thinking - find some school kid who's just finished their exams and grab their science text books :)

  2. We all have 100 things to do... and first amongst the 100 is the procrastination thing which doesnt seem to be getting over at all. I have been doing it doing it and doing it still.. Once its done, am sure I'll quickly do the remaining 99 things. How about you ?

    1. amen to that. i too hope i'll get to the remaining 99 soon :)



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