Monday, 3 March 2014

mundane monday - #36

every now and then, we have to stop and remind ourselves that beauty exists even in the smallest of things -  things which we dont give much thought about, things which otherwise insignificantly fade into the background in the bustle of everyday life.

and this was one of the major reasons which i had in mind when i decided to start on the mundane mondays - that you dont need to step out, or make a big effort to see that you are surrounded by nice things in life. you just need an open mind.

coming to today's post, it is one of those things that i grab without much thought everyday and put it away when my job is done. a spice box. a 'masala' box, which is a permanent fixture in any indian home. something that doesnt get much attention once the initial stages of cooking are done.

looks nice, doesnt it ? one added bonus for me is the teal, which is a colour that i like a lot. i didnt even go out and buy this one, it was passed on to me by my mom (who in turn had received it from someone, and she had her own already). talk about coincidences.

for those who arent that familiar with indian spices - the round cup in the middle holds mustard seeds. the yellow powder right above is turmeric, clockwise from there being chana dal, spilt urad dal, jeera (cumin), fenugreek seeds and chilli powder.

you can also check out an earlier pic of some spices i had taken in 2012, here .


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