Monday, 24 February 2014

mundane monday - # 35

so another monday had come and (almost)gone and i hadnt taken any pictures... was looking through some old albums to find something that i hadnt previously posted, and i found this ice-cream one. what better than ice cream, huh ? (that reminds me i havent had ice cream in so many days now :) )

this was taken sometime in 2011, when the mundane monday series had not even begun. so this had remained tucked away somewhere till now, unposted. 

somethings in life are a lot like ice-cream - so temptingly sweet when you have it around, but painfully sad when you think it'll be over soon. so should you enjoy it every moment while it lasts, or brace yourself in preparation for the moment that its no longer going to be in your hands ? 

as much as the optimist in our head will tell us to enjoy the moment, the realist in our heart will dread what is to come. havent we all got moments to relate to that feeling, however balanced we may be at other times ? 

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