Tuesday, 4 February 2014

chinese new year, and some rewind pictures from china town, san francisco

I didnt get anything posted yesterday for Mundane Monday - been feeling so drowsy and drained the past two days - if this spate continues for a few more days i might have to swap my morning tea with redbull, just to keep myself going.

anyways decided to make a quick post to give myself a break. last weekend (friday, jan 31st to be precise) was the chinese new year, the year of the horse. it made me go through some old pics taken in china town in SFO, in 2012. that was a whole sunny afternoon spent roaming the streets and looking at shop after shop of cheap chinese trinkets... made me want to buy the whole street :)

so here are the pics -

china town san francisco

chinatown, san francisco, chinese new year, year of the horse

now this is a china sea -  literally ! i was drowned in there for ages :)

china, chinese new year, year of the horse

and oh, on a funnier note, check out this epic gaffe by bbc when it wished its viewers for the year of the horse !

have a good week everyone, catch up with you soon :)


  1. I remember to have been there... yes... No. Not on the BBC's thing.

    But I remember to have passed through or around the China Town arch myself. Several years back.

    1. i hope you had a nice time - SFO's a beautiful place to be, any day.

  2. The picture in the middle has a hint of Ranganathan St right ? with the tall buildings overarching the streets...

    1. believe me, if you are from chennai, chinatown will remind you a lot of t.nagar :) long rows of shops crammed close together, and loads & loads of useless knick-knacks that are so tempting :)



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