Friday, 17 January 2014

the weeks that went by...

After about 3 weeks of being away, i'm finally back to base camp. 

like i always say, its the little things which matter the most. being able to stretch your legs and take it easy, eat when you want, wear what you want, read or write whenever you want. these are what make us feel 'at home'. 

like Jane Austen says, these are the real comforts to me which mean 'home'. (below quote is from Emma - i havent read it though.) 

coming to other things, the upside to these past few weeks was that i got to try out two new restaurants, both of which had good food and ambience, and also happened to catch an excellent classical dance (bharatnatyam) recital of Jonathan Livingston Seagull - it was unusual for an english book with no song-lyrics to be presented in an indian classical dance form, and the result was delightful. 

more importantly, Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a metaphor of our lives. it is a message that life is not for eating and existing alone, but is a journey where anything is possible. we are limited only by our thought.

that is something to ponder upon, isnt it ?  i suggest you grab a copy if you havent read it already - its a great read, and takes very little time. 

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