Monday, 20 January 2014

mundane monday - #32

i have been looking through the old pictures in the mundane monday album.... i had started taking pics and posting them in the picasa album from march 2012, and started posting them on the blog from october 2012.the blog posts started from the 25th mundane monday onwards, and there are quite a few from the first 24 that havent got posted on the blog.

so decided to post one of the early ones this week - the very first one is one of my favourites. i had all my spoons and forks in a white mug on my counter, and took the photo keeping it on a black coloured desk.

thinking back, i cant remember now if i took this pic and then decided to make it a weekly thing, or decided to have a weekly thing and then began with this pic !

also i can see i have captioned and tagged the early photos, and have quite detailed descriptions on the early ones posted on the blog. over time i can see the captions dwindled and the writing became brief. i suppose thats an indication of my mind becoming preoccupied and my time bogged down by other commitments. but i have been trying to keep this alive as best as i can, going on despite missing a few weeks here and just gives me a nice feeling, to look back on all the pics once in a while.


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