Sunday, 26 January 2014

being 'Karna' in real life...

One of the most famous characters in the indian epic of Mahabharata is Karna.

A fearless and brave warrior, known for his unparalleled generosity, his life was embroiled in controversy, confusion and curses right from his birth to his death.  (Having been born without a biologically consummated relationship, he would have been the poster boy of assisted reproduction clinics if he was living now. but thats not the point of this post.)

one of the curses on him, as a result of having lied to his guru Parasurama, was that he would forget how to use to the Bramhastra (one of the most powerful of weapons)  in the hour of his greatest need.

i was just thinking this afternoon that we all have our 'Karna' moments. not in our valour or generosity, but in the fact that we forget the most important things when we need them the most. how often do you try to recall a detail or remember where you kept something desperately, but cant in the least figure it out. nothing but a total blank.

had that frustrating feeling today, trying to find the data cable of the phone to transfer some pics and couldnt find it anywhere. despite one of those almost 'no-stone-unturned' searches, no luck.
the only consolation that makes you feel you're in a slightly better position than Karna is that you end up unearthing random stuff that you have otherwise long since forgotten or given up on. 

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  1. didnt all the pandavas (including karna - if you can call him a pandav?) were born out of some magic... those days they had such wonderful b-o-g-six deals. of course, India doesnt need such deals in general...



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