Monday, 30 December 2013

mundane monday - #30 - annual round up of 2013 !

So here come the curtains down on 2013... Another year, another medley and mix of the good, bad, and ugly... lets look back with contentment and look forward with hope...

Wish you all a very Happy 2014 that fills your hearts with peace and happiness... 

Here is a collection of my favourite mundane monday photos posted over the year - though there were lots of gaps in between, and many mondays missed. Lets see how the coming year fares !

Here are the links for the individual posts of each pic above, clockwise - 

Monday, 23 December 2013

mundane monday - # 29

ok, i'm officially in hand-sanitiser heaven. being a germaphobe, i always carry around hand-sanitiser in my bag.

while your regular purell or germ-x does the job efficiently, i got a set from the pocketbac range of bath&body works, and was delighted with the delicious fragrance. yup, delicious :)

from left to right, the scents in the picture are crisp golden pear, winter cranberry, fresh balsam, vanilla cupcake, and sugared vanilla wish.  i'm using vanilla cupcake right now, and it smells great! havent opened the others yet.

From mundane monday

and coming to other things, there is just one more monday to go before the year winds down. i dont know if i'll be posting anything much in the coming week - maybe something to wrap up - but i hope to be making some changes around the first week or two of 2014. will let you all know how that goes, and meanwhile, wish you all a happy and joy-filled holiday season ahead !

Monday, 2 December 2013

mundane monday - # 28

today's mundane monday  pic is one from the archives... something i took more than a year ago, last fall... was just looking through old pics in the folders and came across this one, so thought i'll 'refurbish' it a little and use it :)

From mundane monday

or, in today's world, maybe listen to TED talks while you are doing the dishes.

in the pic, are some chai-spice shortbread cookies that i made last year. The quote is that of Tasha Tudor, an american illustrator of children's books, who lived an 18th century lifestyle in the 20th century. read more about Tasha Tudor here and here.

oh, btw, by posting this, i dont mean to take a stand pro-housewives or pro-working women. i just believe everyone has a reason and a right to make their own choices, and no one should be judging or questioning the choices of another. if only every housewife had a dollar every time someone asked them "you are just a housewife ?" or "what do you do all day", they'd be sitting on a pile of dollars, trust me.


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