Sunday, 24 November 2013

mundane monday - # 27

i'm probably the only south indian on this planet who doesnt like pickles. i probably shouldnt even be brazenly admitting this, since there is a good chance that it'll get me ostracized from south indian society.

anyways, that doesnt stop me from loving the traditional indian pickle jars (called 'jaadi' or 'bharani' ). they are smooth, ceramic, and generally come in a cream-and-brown(ish) colour combo. its not feasible for me to get very large sized ones, but got myself a couple of smaller ones. there are a lot of things you can use them for - store dry goods in your pantry, use as canisters for salt or sugar, or as a caddy for holding your spoons and forks.

i had washed one of them some days back, and took a pic when it was out drying in a patch of sunshine. (somehow i liked it with the sepia'ed effect. i have a major soft corner for sepia.)

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