Tuesday, 19 November 2013

mundane monday - # 26

It was the south indian festival of Karthikai Deepam this sunday and monday. this is probably the most beautiful of festivals, where every house has rows and rows of earthen and brass lamps lit at dusk, and as it grows dark, the whole area lights up with the beautiful glow of these rows of lamps, giving a very bejeweled look to the doorsteps, terraces, balconies, walls and any other place where they are. The lamps are mostly terracota or brass, have cotton wicks and are lit with oil.

sweets most commonly made for karthikai are balls of peanuts and puffed rice, mixed with a syrup of jaggery, which is a traditional,unrefined indian sugar.

this time, personally, it was a very small-scale karthikai for me - neither too many lamps nor too many sweets - of late i find myself too cynical and reluctant to put in the efforts for any big celebration - so i just decided to cut myself some slack and take it easy.

the lamps, however are a must have for me, at least a few of them - they are such a beauty to behold, and i definitely couldnt restrain myself from taking a few pics.

From mundane monday

and one more where i tried to blur the focus on the wicks for a sort of 'bokeh' effect (but not that successful) -

From idle time output !

(oh btw - this monday post got posted on tuesday, but since the pics were taken on monday, i decided that it still counts ! )

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