Saturday, 20 July 2013


its been such a long time since the last time i ate pizza, i cant even remember when was the last time. *gasp*. 

hit an unsatiable craving last evening, but finally ended up having today.

supposedly, earth is an ideal place for life to thrive, owing to various different factors - water, temperature,etc etc...( i am not going into the details, i just assume you paid attention in geography class.) 

pizza ought to be added to that list. seriously, who would want to live in a planet without pizza ? or chocolate cake ? or ice-cream ? or chai ?  or ... well, you get the idea. if i make a list of the things which i count as blessings, these would probably top the charts.

this tweet which i saw some days back pretty much sums up my feelings.

have a good weekend, all of you, and indulge yourselves. guilty pleasures are the best pleasures of life. anyday. 

pizza, pizza hut, veg pizza

i know that pic looks quite unappetising. i realise i'm no good with a mobile phone camera whatsoever. i dont know how people use it all the time, i'm never happy with pictures from a phone camera.

(if, by now, you are wondering what the title means, or what it has to do with anything in here, i just chose it because i couldnt think of anything else. if you've never heard of it before, check out its origin and meaning in the wiki here :) )


  1. you should have simply tweeted "send me a Pizza" to the pizza making outlets. cant feel what the guilty-ness in having a pizza.

    is there a similar curd rice making outlet that i can avail of?

    but remember something, i can go to mom's_food_factory and ask overworked_unappreciated_slave_labour for curd rice (and something more exotic too), but dont try asking for pizza. That'd set her tongue and the kitchen burning like an oven !

    1. not that one needs to feel guilty about pizza per se... as long as its a once in a while thing :)

      well at least the good thing about curd rice is that you dont need to outsource it, being the simplest comfort food on the planet :) - though if you have one of the sundry 'bhavans' where you live, you could always try to get a take-out if you want...



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