Monday, 22 July 2013

mundane monday - # 22

i'm not sure why this one didnt make it to the monday series so far - considering its a favourite of mine, and is a very photogenic one as well :)

anyone who has owned a fossil watch will know about its unique packaging. for those who dont, fossil watches come in a beautiful tin box, which by itself is a collectible. the brand designed their packaging with the intention that it should have an enduring relationship with the customer, and they couldnt have been more right ! so many days i have seen pictures of fossil tins and wished i could just buy them, without the watches ! (of course one can endlessly spend time ebaying for them ...)

fossil tins have become iconic and their team produces new designs every season. they are simply eye-candy !

From mundane monday

ok, i know i rambled on so much about the tins, but pictured just the watch ! that is for another day.

meanwhile, you can see some awesome collections worth drooling over here, here and here... well, just do a google search or a pinterest search for 'fossil tins' and you could be occupied for hours !
i'm also so tempted to buy this book someday. 

and no, i wasnt paid by fossil :) i just love their tins :)


  1. How dare you put a blog without the actual subject in place? where is the TIN in the picture.

    it is like me writing my maths exam and explaining trigonometry without even a mention of sin/cos, tin/tan theta.

    1. I know, i know :) i promise the tin will be on its way soon !

      Dont even remind me about trigonometry & stuff, its a miracle that i managed to clear my high school math exams :)

  2. With your love for all things Vintage nd keen eye for detail - Umm passion- u missed ur chance at the tin design contest. U could have just told them u want these tins in return !!. If nd wen we meet.. u can have a go at my collection nd take one with u( hey I am being generous :p)

    1. hey, howdy !
      never mind the contest - will definitely wait for the day to drool at your collection and take advantage of your generosity ;D



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