Tuesday, 25 June 2013

my d-i-y version of alphabet photography

there are some people in this world who are able to tightrope walk at a height of 1500 ft above the colorado river.
and then there are people like me, for whom there comes a time when even the most routine tasks seem to require a great deal of effort.

of late, i have the feeling of gotten into a rut. my mind feels numb and dull, my brain feels like a clogged sink with nothing flowing whatsoever. day after day goes by in dreary succession, and i have not been able to do anything productive or creative. i hope this is a phase which i get out of soon.

meanwhile, at times like these, looking through old pics is something that i do to give myself a break. i have been going through last year's pics and dug something out. something i did and forgot and allowed to gather dust.

sometime last year, i came across this site where you can order your name or any word from the collection of images they have. just google alphabet photography to see more images.

i totally liked the idea, and decided to challenge myself to come up with my own version of it - without stepping out of the house. so i used stuff around my home (mostly kitchen) to come up with the letters of my name. i used the collage option of picasa to make the letters together into one image.  here is the result -

if you are a black and white lover -

the 's' was part of the design on a metal shelf i had (a hanging shower caddy actually). 'o' is the top of a cookie jar. 'w', ofcourse, is a fork. it was a regular 4-pronged fork, but i cropped one out later :). 'p' is the handle of my favourite mug. 'a' is a lemon squeezer. the 'r' is a kind of tongs, used for lifting hot vessels off the stove in indian kitchens. (called pakkad in hindi, idukki/kidukki in tamil.)

not bad eh, for a first attempt ?  hope you like it too !


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