Tuesday, 28 May 2013


has it been a month already, since the last post ? really ?  i've got myself tangled in so much stuff the past month that i ought to have been tugging my hair out. (in reality my hair falls by itself in generous quantities and spares me the trouble.)

one major thing that happened is that this post came true. yet again. only about seven months since the last time. and the more heads involved and the more number of people that need to be answered means things get waaay more muddled than you can handle, while still holding on to your sanity.

there are still quite a bit of things to get sorted out, loose ends to be tied. i think its going to take some more time for me to get back to taking pics and posting.

meanwhile for those in the US, memorial day has come and gone. i have been having memories of memorial days of the past few years, flipping through the pics inside my head.

here is one from last year, from a trip to south lake tahoe. tahoe is such a beautiful place, any time of the year. this particular photo was taken at emerald bay, one of the most beautiful spots in lake tahoe. cant believe its been exactly a year already since this pic was taken. time always flies, doesnt it ? can you remember what you were doing exactly a year ago ?


  1. beautiful picture that... time does fly out fast.

  2. the ocean looks so blue... or is it a lake ? considering that all the oceans are nothing but lakes - you'll agree its still a small ocean.

    coincidentally tagged with moving blues !

    but tahoe should be a nice place really. made me revisit this place again( i mean, the blog).

    1. tahoe is a very beautiful place - yes its a lake, its borders shared by two american states - california on one side and nevada on the other.
      - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Tahoe - had omitted the wiki link in the post earlier, will add it.



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