Friday, 12 April 2013

sometimes all you need...

is a stack of books....

 .... and a cup of tea...

 oh, and a good amount of undisturbed sleep...

(btw dont ask me why the pics are all sepia'ed... just that i am in the mood for sombre... )


  1. And who said Sombre means Sepia ?

  2. Sombre means grey. !

  3. picture is good sowpar. but what i feel is that picture might have been taken after you have kept the tray of biscuits and tea untouched for quite a long time so that the biscuits changed its color naturally :-P just kidding. as if it was kept some 100 years back so that somebody will take a snap after 100 years

    1. hehe :) fact is that i really like old pics... i wish i could get pics that are really old - at least for now i try to 'simulate' the old effect on those that i like,and picasa makes it easy !



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