Monday, 29 April 2013

mundane monday - # 20

have you sometimes wondered how much life changes over a few years ? or how much a few years change your life ?

about 8 years ago, i remember telling someone i didnt have much use for technology in my life. at that point, i didnt posses a pc for my use, and i had just started using a mobile phone - which was anything but smart :)

looking back, i can only ask myself, "what was i thinking" ! life indeed has changed me a lot - today i not only need to be connected, but also need to be so with my own devices, the ones which i am used to using everyday, the ones which have my own customisations, my own bookmarks. when you try to use another device for a few days, it makes you realise how powerful the force of habit is. how your fingers are so much aligned to the keys that you type without even seeing them. how it has a certain 'feel' that you are used to, that you can probably touch your device blindfolded and know its yours.

i would have never thought that i would be the person i am now, many years back. yeah, life changes you. sometimes you dont know if a change is for the better or for worse. if its a good thing or bad. but yes, you come to terms with the fact that its inevitable.


  1. You never know really. Today, that someone might be using less technology than you are.

    The point of using technology is not for technology to be used for the sake, but for you to even remain in vogue in this world.

    Yes - how small and common it has become for us to be used to our keyboards. I am so out of touch with using keyboards in public places like malls / airports. Spacing, layouts are all so different. Would feel fish out of water really.

    One thing with Technology, it makes you spend.

    So I think the spread of technology is to merely complicate our lives and entangle it with the all pervading complex mess and fill someone's pockets. Ohhh, I didnt mean that it was that 'someone' you mentioned.

  2. There was a time when I always felt I would never need a camera mobile phone. I possessed a brick phone as what people around me called it. But those bricks lasted a week on a single charge of battery and I was rather proud about it – until the winds of change swept over.

    So can understand if you say you now possessively possess gadgets.



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