Monday, 1 April 2013

mundane monday - # 18

சிப்பியில்  தப்பிய  நித்திலமே ...

for those who cant read the words above, its a line in tamil, which is my mother tongue and one of the many languages spoken in india... 

for those who can identify that its tamil, but not fluent enough to read or understand, it reads "chippiyil thappiya nithilame" 

'nithilam' is a tamil word for pearl (in addition to the word 'muthu', which is the more commonly used one), and the full line means " (you are) the pearl that escaped the oyster". 
it is from a very famous tamil movie song from the 80's, 'andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu' - from the film 'raja paarvai'. the song itself is a very beautiful one, very romantic, and if i attempt to translate the meaning of every line, it would need a whole other post.

the monday posts in the past few weeks have become erratic, due to a lot of personal inconveniences. this particular post has been sitting inside my head for 3 weeks now ! it was seriously march madness at my end :) hope your month was better - did you enjoy 'springing' into march ? if its either year-round summer or still white winter where you live, i can empathise with you - i know how it feels :) 

hope you all have a good beginning to the month, and hopefully the posts will be more regular in the days to come - fingers crossed :) will see you soon, keep peeping in !


  1. Is this post for real or is this an April fool initiative like Google's nose beta?

    But welcome back!

    1. well its still there, isnt it ? so,very much real :)

      i do love how much thought google puts into its pranks... but then, after a few years you know a google prank the moment you see it - not much of a surprise element :)

  2. Love your blog! I'm happy to follow you, you can visit my blog when you find time :)

    1. hi neela, welcome, and thanks a lot for stepping in and your lovely feedback !

      took a quick peep into your blog, you've got lots of yummy stuff out there - will keep visiting for sure :)

  3. In line with the summer season, and the trend, I suggest you rename this series from Mundane Monday to Torrid Tuesday.

    1. aah, if that were to be done, it would be more appropriate to call it 'fried friday' or 'scorching saturday' :)



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