Sunday, 10 March 2013

mundane monday - # 17

american kisses... the next best thing after the french ones :)

From mundane monday

since today's pic is coming after a gap, i thought it might as well be something nice :)

this one is from the archives... seeing it today, its also a reminder of some of the happier days gone by...

speaking chocolate-wise, hershey's kisses are one of the few american chocolates that i like. more than the taste, there is something nice about unwrapping a kiss and popping it in when you need a quick 'picker-upper'.
i grew up with cadbury's dairymilk as my first love, and so shall it be always. i even considered it a great personal tragedy when cadbury was taken over by kraft.

i think i first tasted hershey kisses when i was in my teens, and its one of the few from hershey's product line that i like to stock up on, every now and then...

everyone has their own favourite when it comes to chocolate. (i dont know if its humanly possible not to !) for me, somehow when it comes to chocolate, the american ones dont quite match up to the taste and smoothness of the european ones. ghirardelli is one of the american ones that i find ok, and is smoother and tastes much better than the typical hershey bar.

taste apart, sinking your teeth into your favourite chocolate and letting it slowly melt in your mouth is a delightful experience which lifts up your spirits, changes your mood and takes you to another plane of happiness :)

what is your favourite chocolate ? does it kindle in you sweet memories of happy days ?

well, i'll wrap up things for now, hope you all have a sweet week ahead ! see you pretty soon :)


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