Monday, 11 February 2013

mundane monday - # 15

often, life feels messy and stressful because we keep on measuring it on some scale or the other. we think of life as 'successful' only when it meets some standard we have set, lives up to some expectation that we have.

how would life be, if we didnt think of things as 'success' or 'failures', and just lived life as an experience. truly live. not worry about what we have or dont have, what we have done or not done, what we have achieved or not achieved. not subjecting ourselves to the stress and pressure that we inflict upon ourselves.

and the worst kind of stress and pressure is to be living our life based on someone else's yardstick. life would  be so much easier if we didnt have to live based on someone else's priorities, someone else's choices, someone else's values, someone else's rules.

i realise its a blunder to judge oneself by someone else's standards. i try really hard to convince myself that its ok, if i dont live up to the expectations of others. its not easy though. sometimes its hard not to be hard on myself.

i want to remind myself that i have a right to consider my life as meant for my personal use - and not just meant to be cut to size, based on someone else's measurements.

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  1. Hey,
    why do you always start i in small case ?
    whats your response for this ?

    1. the simplest response is that i dont like upper case !



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