Monday, 14 January 2013

mundane monday - # 12

From mundane monday

everyone has something to keep safe and secure. but in a very ideal world, if no one desired the possessions of another and if everyone had very little to hold back from others, there would be no need for locks and keys, right ? its ironic though, that the more 'civilised' mankind has become, the more and more complicated and complex the locks.

it might come as a surprise to many that even today, there exists a place with no doors and no locks. in a small village called shingnapur in maharashtra, india, none of the houses have doors, leave alone locks. and yet there are apparently no reported cases of theft. the main temple of the village is that of Shani baghawan, who is the deity representing the planet saturn. the strong belief in the village is that any theft would be punished by the deity, and hence the buildings remain without doors & locks !

are you the kind who is particular about keeping your stuff off-limits to others ? can you imagine ever living without locks or without a door ?


  1. hey, u seem to be living in an idealistic world and making all lock and door makers redundant. every advancement in this society has been to satiate the interests of a few.

    mails were found to get someone to reach someone else fast, cheap and quick. web mails were found because some guy couldnt access his uni email. and so on.

    we should thank robbers and thieves and burglars, without whom so many jobs would be lost. part of the police force wouldnt exist. countries wouldnt wage war against each other. an accountant would be redundant. banks gone. military gone home too. as nobody would be stealing anyone else's property.

    i recommend booking not just the NSA act on you, but world civilisation threat act on you and send you to the gallows with big big locks, foot chained and head masked. :)

    no we dont trust you to live inside the unlocked 4 virtual walls of a confined space called a jail.

    1. ohh, i'm far more of an idealist dreamer than you can ever imagine :) but very paradoxically, i'm also super protective of my personal space !
      dont worry, all the police and military jobs on earth arent going anywhere, anytime soon. nope, civilization hasnt yet become so civilized that we could do with minimal policing and military. the world has a looong way to go.

  2. As usual very informative and interesting post (although I dont agree with the prev comment). Keep them coming randor gal.

    And key to focus is to focus on key :)



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