Monday, 24 December 2012

mundane monday - # 10

this is going to be another 'almost wordless' post, since i'm running short of time with a long to-do list on hand, and the rest of the week to be spent in travel, starting tomorrow.

merry christmas to all those who will be celebrating, and happy holidays to everyone !

hope all of you enjoy the last week of the year, see you soon !

From mundane monday


  1. what are we to infer from this pic ?
    that people's lives are clipped and hung dry ?

    or we are all in the orangish health and golden outlook ?

    1. should we necessarily infer something from everything ? :)

      but if the picture had included clothes on the line, i would have probably said that it reflects most of our lives, flapping about and trying to free ourselves from what holds us down... :)



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