Sunday, 11 November 2012

mundane monday - # 5

india is a tropical country and mosquitoes are a big part of  life here. and so are the various anti-mosquito tools to tackle them. other countries maybe content with developing technology for, say, telecommunications or space research - but in india, significant developments are constantly made in the field of mosquito repellant technology. one of the earliest non-electric, non-chemical options was to sleep under a mosquito net. yep, each person slept inside a net that hung over and covered their beds, like a big white canopy. since then battling the mosquito menace has taken every form imaginable, from creams for direct application on skin, mosquito repellant household sprays, chemical coils(that are burnt like incense), to mats & liquid vaporisers which are electrically warmed to release the repellant chemicals.
if you are the kind who gets satisfaction from giving instant capital punishment to the mozzies, you could even use an electric 'mosquito bat', like my friend here :)

while all the above are 'localised' solutions, the one thing that will give a 'whole house' protection is the mosquito screen, which is fixed on the windows (and usually comes with velcro so that it can be removed if needed).

so yeah, after all this beating about the bush, i just intend to say that today's picture is of one such mosquito screen :) a part of the screen, to be precise.

From mundane monday

this is a very close up macro shot - keep in mind that every square in the net/screen is smaller than the average mosquito, to keep them out !

doesnt it look nice when zoomed in, like lattice work on a fence or window ?

edits to the original pic : a little cropping, slight adjustments to brightness and shadows, and finally 'cinemascope' effect in picasa - it makes the photo look kind of wide-screen like, and adds a black strip above and below. i dont normally like the letterbox (the black strips), but in this particular pic, it does look nice.

have a nice week, and keep visiting ! and for those who will be celebrating, wish you a very happy diwali - hope you enjoy all the food, fun and festivities !



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