Sunday, 4 November 2012

mundane monday - # 4

how did the last week treat you ? i had a week that left me kind of emotionally and physically drained, with travel and relocation. i ended up sleeping off a good part of the week and fighting off a 13.5 hr jet-lag .

but let's cut to the chase. this week's picture is a soap. yup, a round bar of soap from some hotel visit long ago (las vegas, i think). if i have barely used bars of soap in hotels, i generally bring them back with me since i'd hate to see them tossed in the trash. (and the small tubes of lotion are so handy when you are travelling.)

apart from the waste factor, this particular soap also looked and smelt good, so i had carried it and eventually forgot about it too, till recently. when i stumbled upon it in the middle of a cleaning spree, i thought it'd make a good prop for the monday pics...

the soap is from a brand called 'gilchrist & soames' (who supply to many big hotels). it is a very soft pistachio green colour and it looked good against a white background in natural light.

i was playing around with the edits and i tried the 'holga' effect in picasa - i thought it looked very different and 'artsy'. but i do like softness of the original colour version too, and cant really decide which one looks nicer. so including both versions in the post this week. (only the b&w links to the picasa album.)

this is the site of gilchrist&soames soaps...

i wanted to find out more about this holga effect, so on googling found that the holga camera is a film camera from the 80's which produces effects of vignetting and blurring of photographs... more about the holga in the wiki here.

have a nice week ahead, and thanks for stopping by !

From mundane monday

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  1. slowly but surely, you are becoming the randor girl.

    to stave off any copyright claims - i think ur post should be called random girl atleast.

    and to come to the post - informative, short and sweet.

    a good dessert usually leaves you with just the sweet taste and the longing for a bit more (the longing generally remains a longing).

    ur post is likewise.

    1. as someone who is a big fan of randor guy, i would consider it sacrilege to have his name and mine mentioned in the same sentence :)

      well, i didnt exactly start out with the intention of making the monday posts informative, but instead of posting just the photos, i thought i'll try to include any interesting info related to them that i can find.

      thanks for your nice words, and thanks for stepping in !



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