Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Diwali...

Diwali wishes to all those who are celebrating... hope you have a great time having fun and feasting on the goodies !

diwali is the biggest indian festival and is celebrated all over the country. it has today become the biggest shopping season, and with every brand and every store competing for their share of the pie, it seems like its getting more chaotic than colourful, with each passing day. or maybe that's just me.

anyway, the vintage buff in me spotted this old diwali related ad sometime back. Radha Silks, or RASI, is a popular place to shop for sarees in chennai, especially for those in the mylapore area. this is an ad by them in october 1957, announcing that the store has been air-conditioned and calls for customers to do their diwali shopping in air-conditioned comfort ! that was 55 years ago. 

the ad is from an old issue of the popular tamil magazine 'ananda vikatan'. both RASI and vikatan are still popular today. 

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  1. Was it RASI or RAASI ? But they even ran ad campaigns using the RASI SARI acronym.

    I remember the airconditioned premises quite well and also being fond of standing in front of the entrance door to catch a whiff of cool breeze.

    To think of marketing an airconditioned premise in 1957 seems an interesting aspect. Little did RASI know in 2012 they have to run gensets for the same now.

    1. it was RASI, the reason being that it was meant to an acronym of RAdha SIlks :) (which is also why i used caps in the post)

      the RASI SARI anagram is a nice touch, i dont remember that...

      yup, i think back in 1957 in chennai, an airconditioned showroom would have been pretty uncommon... good for them to have used that for mktg !



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