Monday, 29 October 2012

mundane monday - # 3

anyone who knows me well knows that i have a big crush on ikea :)

so its only natural that my 'props' from ikea should figure in the mundane mondays sooner or later... this week it is the set of 'kalas' kids bowls. though these plastic bowls are meant for kids, they add such a cheerful burst of colour that you can be excused for having them even if you dont have kids around :)

i knew the kalas bowls would make a good subject and it had been on my mind for a long time now, and finally got down to it this week. i just placed them on my window sill just as the light was fading towards the end of the day. i have got surprisingly good results many times from such end-of-the-day light, more than the bright sunshine in the afternoons. i placed a translucent white sheet behind the bowls which diffused the light as well as hid the insect screen in the window. the results were so nice that it needed no retouching, it just looked beautiful as such.

the light coming through the bowls gives them a nice pearly glow and the white background just makes the colours pop all the more, doesnt it ?

From mundane monday


  1. Very nice... btw I am a huge IKEA fan as well...they make such nice looking useful stuff.... :)

    1. thank you praveena... yup, one cant really help falling in love with ikea stuff - i could spend a whole day inside i think :)

  2. Light Diffraction is the most important and difficult subjects to understand and control too.

    I think I would have liked to see the top section of the picture a lot more darker than the bottom. it would have brought the details more clear around the edges, which at present you can see light diffracting around the edge of the cups.

    But what has come out very nice is the the glazy effect of lighting from behind.

    1. thanks... :) to gain better control over these aspects i suppose i should be having a better understanding of physics or photography or both... right now i'm the layest lay person you could probably find :) - lets see how far my progress goes over time... !



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