Monday, 22 October 2012

mundane monday - #2

a big hi and a thanks for stopping by ! hope you had a good weekend and a nice start to the week...

i'm posting the second of the mundane monday series today, and if you just stepped in here, you can read a little intro about it in last week's post...

this week's pic is one of my fridge magnets - i bought it on my first visit to san francisco, in 2008. SFO is such a beautiful city, and it was love at first sight for me. trust me, its one of those cities which immediately makes you want to find a place and move there right away :)

about the magnet - its a replica of san francisco's iconic trams or cable cars, as those who've visited there would no doubt know.
SFO's cable car (or street car or tram) was first established in 1873. today it is the only moving national monument in the world, and is a very popular tourist attraction. it will find a place in any movie or tv show set in san fran.

sometimes its surprising how something is so close by at hand and yet you overlook the obvious. this magnet has been on my fridge for 4 years now, and god knows how many times a day i open my fridge. only when i took this photo from up close, i realised i hadn't paid attention to the 'meet me at the st.francis' sign on it. i felt it must be having some significance, and immediately googled it up. i found this piece of info which said that it is a reference to the historic St.Francis hotel opened in 1904, which became the hub of the city's elite.

read more about SFO's cable cars here and here.

editing made to the photo : usual adjustments for brightness,contrast and saturation, and the 'warmify' effect in picasa.

have a nice week, and keep visiting !

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  1. the way the picture has been taken, it gives a nice 3d effect. a bit tough to imagine it is only a 2d one.

    the right side of the picture is a bit too bright. could do with a bit more of contrast along the sides.

    1. well it isnt a fully flat magnet as such... and it may appear more so because its taken too close i guess...

      yeah the lighting on the right maybe too much because the kitchen has very bright fluorescent lighting, and the only other light source the kichen has is from the range hood. not good at all for pictures, i know :)

  2. Daily dunces like myself keep visiting this page to see what is special today. And this is the 3rd time I did since Monday. When you said Mundane Monday, did you just mean Monday alone ? In which case your blog title should read

    Mundane Monday, weekly blog or Mundane Mondays only.

    There are people who think there's going to be Mundane Monday and of course Mundane Tuesdays and so on. Even Sunday is Mundane for that matter. Serious thought to add the disclaimer or make it a daily post ?

    1. right now i dont have the energy or enterprise to come up with a post everyday :) - but sure hope to increase the frequency in the days to come... thanks for your regular visits :)

      maybe in a way all days are mundane, so i should have named it 'no-to-so mundane monday' :)



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