Thursday, 9 August 2012

my favourite fall colour ? - moving blues !

just a few more weeks, and summer would be drawing to a close...
fall (autumn) is no doubt my favourite among seasons, but it has also become my most dreaded one. reason being that every fall in the last half a dozen years, i have ended up moving somewhere or the other.

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when i saw this book in a store a few days back, i thought to myself that i should be either buying the book or writing one myself :)
in the past six years, i have only moved,
  • intra - apartment
  • intra city
  • inter city & intra state
  • inter state
  • inter country
  • inter continent 
and if that is not enough, i have,
  • moved with furniture
  • moved without furniture
  • had things sent by the movers truck
  • had things sent by parcel service
  • flown with practically all my belongings stuffed into suitcases
  • stored my stuff in commercial storage
  • stored my stuff at friends/relatives houses
and in none of the above cases, i've had more than a couple of weeks notice, as far as i can remember !
i guess that somewhat excuses my over-confident thought that i might be qualified to write a book on moving :)

well, as another fall is fast approaching, i have every reason to believe that another move might be looming over the horizon for me. other people decorate their houses for halloween or make lists for thanksgiving shopping, but i end up sitting in the middle of packing tape and bubble wrap, or frantically cleaning down every conceivable nook and cranny of the house. hmmm.


  1. you dont work for packers and movers ? Do you

    1. well, not yet - maybe i should consider that option :)

  2. Only because of people like you gas prices are going up the roof :)

    My mom would say this about dad. That he practically wanted the entire house on wheels. And for a while I used to live out of 2 suitcases and still was very happy.

    More the things, More the trouble. What used to be a simple life, now looks unbearably complicated.

    1. yeah, i am a big believer in being a minimalist too. or at least i thought i was one. until you move you dont realise how much stuff gets accumulated... the fewer the belongings, the more happier and stress free life is, no doubt. only that it gets harder to put into practice as the years go by...



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