Saturday, 28 July 2012

when the dog bites,when the bee stings...

whenever you are feeling sad... you simply remember your favourite things, and then you dont feel so bad... right ?

often, such favourite things are not things. they are sights,smells,sounds and other sensory experiences which leave a deep impact on you.

sometime back when i was melting butter to make ghee, i just had this strong impulse to take a picture. (dont ask me why, i just have these sudden spurts of craziness. ) its one of those things which transport me back home instantly. the aroma of melting butter turning into ghee filling the house just kindles happy thoughts and pleasant memories...

melting butter, making ghee

and so did this glass of rosemilk - when i found it on the menu of an indian restaurant some weeks back, it reminded me so much of my childhood summers that i simply had to jump and order it !

rosemilk, rose milk, summer drinks

somehow these things just bring up so many fond memories of home... kitchen windows with the bright morning sun streaming through... the aroma of curry leaves crackling in hot oil... squirrels and crows landing on the window sill because they know they'll find food put out for them ... the branches of neem and mango trees at the back of your house swaying in the breeze... the sounds of vegetable vendors down the street....

yes... these are a few of my favourite things... what are yours ?


  1. window sills, sparrows, cows, vegetable/flower vendors and of late banana sellers. The chirping squirrel flipping its tail up every time when its scared by the crow.

    There are many things. But only one I miss much more than all

  2. The sight of torn kites hanging from electric poles :)



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