Tuesday, 3 July 2012

shutterfly photo book...

i'm so excited right now, as i'm expecting my new photo book from shutterfly in a few days ! i've ordered prints and stuff earlier, but this is the first time i ordered a photo book for myself, so am pretty curious to see if it turns out like i expected :)  i chose some of my favourite pictures from my collection over the past few years, and spent quite a good number of hours deciding the layouts, background designs etc... (especially since this was my first one - if i do it again i think i'll do it much faster, & better...)
the best part was that this was a special offer and i ended up paying just the shipping. yup, just the shipping !
so, here's a peek of how my photobook will look... i will try to share more pics of the actual one, once i get it.

you can also see the 'vintage' style mug that i had made for myself last year, here  :)

Create a gorgeous, high quality wedding photo album at Shutterfly.com.


  1. Nice. Looks awesome.

  2. Do they ship to the east coast ?

  3. i thought u'll post our photos :-)..but only scenaries even in this book..:-)next time u try to create a photo book wherein we can see some human faces:-)

    1. sure, why not... next time i'll make sure to include lord muruga or ravana, so you can see 6 faces/10 faces in one photo :)

      btw, nithya mc, your comments feel like seeing the olympics, since i get to see them about once in four years ;)



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