Tuesday, 20 March 2012

you know how they say happiness comes in small packages - i belong to that school of thought. most of the time, its the smallest of things which make me instantly cheer up and feel happy.

this was one of those instances. i was out to pick up some medication in the street corner drugstore, when i found this charming little flower pot on sale for $1.50 . i have a big soft corner in my heart for any pottery in blue, and the price tag no doubt added to my delight. it was a precious little thing, about 4 in. in diameter at the top, and i knew it was just calling out my name the moment i saw it :)

i picked it up, and found some flowers in the bushes around my home on the way back. it looks so perfect, and gives me that little pop of joy every time i see it on the table.

yes, my happiness comes from the simplest things. i guess i could never say that enough.

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