Monday, 5 March 2012

old indian ad for Lux soap - starring Hema,the dream girl !

sometime back a conversation with a friend happened to ramble into the popular brands we had seen, growing up in india in the 80s...
who doesnt love a trip down memory lane ?

 i was so pleased, when i stumbled upon, in the course of my usual aimless googling, this old ad copy of lux soap...

every major bollywood actress would have been associated with the lux brand at some point in her career... this one features the charming, beautiful hemamalini - the dream girl  :)

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i love old ads, i wish i could create a repository of them scanned from old magazines... maybe someday make some big prints out of them too... that would make cool retro art... :)  (remember the vintage french poster prints in monica's apartment from 'friends' ? )

(image source - from here )

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